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Summer 2017

Please read on for details about each session to help pick the best one for your daughter.

Fees are all-inclusive… no extra charge for horses, trips, etc.

Early June
Ages 6–10
May 28–June 1

June Camp
Ages 7–13
June 4–June 23

Main Camp
Ages 8–17
June 27–Aug. 1

August Camp
Ages 7–12
Aug. 4–Aug. 17

Alumni Camp
All ages
Sept. 1–Sept. 4

Early June Camp

5 days

Early June Camp is a very introductory session. We will do the activities around camp and take one overnight camping trip. It will be small (about 50 girls), and will be a good way for children not quite ready for three weeks to get a taste of camp life. For 6 to 10 year olds (through at least the first grade).

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit: $200
  • Due April 1: $900
  • Total: $1100

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June Camp

3 weeks

In a 3 week session, we can do a variety of activities, make some new acquaintances, have lots of fun. Our June Camp program is oriented more towards “fun” activities, utilizing skills which are attainable in three weeks. We can practice independence, work on self-reliance, and build such skills and friendships as time permits. The short period is an excellent choice for those wanting a taste of camp fun, with time left over for a family trip or other substantial summer activity. For ages 7 to 13.

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit: $550 ($450 before December 1)
  • Due April 1: $3550
  • Total: $4100 ($4000 with Early Registration)

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Main Camp

5 weeks

The five week period is for those who want a big bite of skills, pioneer experiences, and stimulating contacts. A camper who has coordination and industry can learn to take her horse over a fence, to guide her canoe down a rapid, to handle herself in a variety of sometimes challenging situations. Even more importantly, there is a tremendous opportunity for forging durable friendships among peers and adults which can , and often do, last a lifetime. Main Camp is the session of choice for those campers wishing the greatest exposure and opportunity for building friends and skills, and taking wilderness trips. For ages 8 to 17.

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit: $700 ($450 before December 1)
  • Due April 1: $2750
  • Due May 20: $2750
  • Total: $6200 ($5950 with Early Registration)

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August Camp

2 weeks

An alternative to our June Session, August Camp provides an option for families who prefer a session at the end of the summer. We will touch on all our activities and take many overnight trips. The time allows for great friendships and progress toward independence, increasing confidence, and working toward goals. For ages 7 – 12.

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit: $450
  • Due April 1: $1275
  • Due May 20: $1275
  • Total: $3000

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Alumni Camp

4 day weekend

Alumni Camp is the best way to get your family back to the camp you remember. Every Labor Day weekend, Alumni Camp is open to just about anyone. More information here. Payment is due upon registration.

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Fee Schedule

Register by December 1st for an early registration discount: $100 off for June Camp or $250 off for Main Camp.

Deposits are only refundable before February 15th. Payments are non-refundable after the due date. Payment plans and limited financial aid are available to qualified families. Apply by Feb. 15th.

  • The camp fee includes almost everything: Laundry, sheets and blankets, all activities (riding, etc.), all trips, ordinary supplies (crafts, ammunition on the rifle range, etc.), airport pickup/return, medical care in the infirmary.
  • Early Registration Discount! Before December 1 only: Receive a $100 discount for June Camp or a $250 discount for Main Camp registration.
  • Financial Assistance: If cash flow is a problem, a modified payment schedule may be worked out with the camp. Limited financial assistance is available. Please contact us for a scholarship application.
  • Travel Insurance: We use TravMark for cancellation/interruption protection. Coverage is available on the camper application.

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