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Caring, experienced and knowledgeable.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams."
— Eleanor Roosevelt

If (for some strange reason) you could only consider one factor in your choice of camps, you should look at the camp's staff. Their qualifications and experience will dictate the quality of care and instruction a camper will get, as well as the level of safety which can be maintained.

We are fortunate to have a highly experienced group of counselors, many of whom return year after year (the average counselor has been here four to five years). The average age is about 25. The youngest is 18, and through a year of college. Most young counselors will have been campers with us in previous years. The overall camper-to-counselor ratio (not including maintenance, kitchen, secretarial, etc.) is about four to one, which gives us a superb opportunity for individual attention.

Camp is a community of people who live, work and play together, and this is one of its greatest assets.

Most counselors live in a cabin with four to six campers and teach an activity during activity periods. (Some counselors who are out of camp on trips a great deal do not have cabins.) The camp experience is one wherein adults have ample time to spend with youngsters, time to develop meaningful relationships, to talk, to listen, and to teach.


The Directors of Camp Green Cove

Green Cove was founded by Frank Bell, Sr. (Chief). Francis Cake and then Chief's daughter Pat directed the program during the early years. Calla (Mrs. Frank Bell, Sr.) took over in '52 and was in charge until 1980. Since then, Nancy Bell has been director.

Nancy's background includes 13 years as a camper and 13 years as a counselor. Much of this was at Green Cove, but 4 summers were spent at other camps. She graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in '69, and received a MAT degree from Emory University in 1970. She taught 4th grade for a couple of years, then worked full time with horses until 1980, when she became director of Green Cove. Nancy continues to ride regularly, and teaches year round on a limited basis.

Caitlin Riley is a member of our year round staff as the Green Cove Assistant Director.  While camp is in session, she works particularly with Activity Programs to ensure that the different programs mesh well together. Caitlin keeps an eye on the trips available thru the different activities, and the instructional programs for each area. She also works to co-ordinate trips that involve multiple activities on both intermediate and advanced levels. During the off season, she spends time traveling to recruit both campers and staff. While she is new(ish) to the Green Cove family, she is not new to camp life. She worked as a trip leader and cabin counselor for a camp in Northern Minnesota during her college years.  It was during those summers that Caitlin recognized her passion for working in the outdoor industry. Since graduating in 2007, she has traveled all around the globe, teaching outdoor education in a variety of settings. During her free time, Caitlin loves to spend time outdoors, hiking, biking and running the trails with her hound, Lulu.

A Few of the Head Staff
Katy Danos just completed her 16th year with us. She has been a camper, counselor, Line Head, and is now our Program Director for Main Camp. Her current focus lies in working with cabin groups and individual campers to insure the best possible camp experience for each child. She is very much involved with staff training and supervision, and co-ordinates special programs for Sundays and evenings. During the rest of the year, Katy is an Interior Designer in New Orleans. Last winter she was an assistant on the television show, “Guess Who’s Coming to Decorate?”.
Lee Burdett, from Tuxedo, NC, runs the year-round GC Riding Program and is the Main Camp Head of Riding. Lee has been on staff for 33 years, is married to a former Mondamin counselor and is a camp mom.
Liddell Shannon was back for her 7th year on staff. Liddell is an avid hiker, with 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail “under her belt”. She also loves mountain biking, paddling and soccer. She has done year round administrative camp work. Liddell has also worked for outdoor adventure programs during the spring and fall months. She spent last winter leading groups for Eco-Tours in the Virgin Islands.

Elizabeth Anderson is from Louisville, KY. She is a former camper and counselor and joins us for her 15th summer as the Head of Tennis. Elizabeth is a former junior ranked player and loves to also play field hockey and go canoeing. Elizabeth thoroughly enjoys being a mom as well, and has had all four of her girls here as campers.

Anne Sharp and her family have been with camp for a long time. Both of her children go to camp and she has been the Head of the Tennis Program for 4 years. She was the Junior Line Head for 2007. She brings her experience of teacher and mom to camp.

Barb Smith Heck was both a camper and a counselor at Green Cove. In her early 20s, Barb ran both the Riding and Swimming programs (in different years!). Now that she has a family, she returns each summer with her 2 daughters to run our Swimming Program. 2007 was her 24st year with us! During the school year, Barb teaches Physical Education in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has experience as a Red Cross Life Guard Training Instructor.

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If you or someone you know has the time, skills, and interest, check out the section: employment opportunities for counselors and support staff.

...."Our way is not soft grass, it's a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upwards, forward, toward the sun." .........
- Dr. Ruth Westheimer

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