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As a cabin counselor, you will normally have five or six campers who will be your primary responsibility. (The exceptions are some full-time trip leaders.) You will be their friend, companion, and leader for 2 to 5 weeks.

You do not follow your campers around like a mother hen; they go their separate ways during activity periods, while you teach your own activity. At mealtime, at bedtime, and at other odd times, you will have the opportunity to talk and play with them, encourage and reinforce their successes, help them to plan the next day.

In 5 weeks, you will come to know them very well, and to share their problems (“she hurt my feelings!” and “I’m homesick..”) and their accomplishments (“I learned the J stroke today!” and “I got to the top of the tower!”). You will take short trips and overnights with them. You’ll write weekly letters to their parents telling them of their child’s adventures.

Participation and influence as a member of the camp community is crucial.

This aspect of the job is perhaps the hardest to define. The Green Cove staff is made up of roughly 55 individuals, each of whom possesses important skills and talents. Communications, support and problem solving enable each activity staff and each group of cabin counselors to work well together. We are individually accountable as role models for children and we are responsible as a group for upholding the highest traditions of Green Cove. After all, the summer depends primarily on our ability to pull together as a staff and supply the leadership necessary for 190 girls.

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