Pay Online

While most families send a check in the mail, many families use our online payment options.

How to Pay

We accept electronic checks and credit cards.

Please note that the third-party company we use to process credit cards charges you a security and delivery fee.

Checks are still our preferred method of payment either online or in the mail and of course have no fees.

Electronic Check Payment

Pay by eCheck

Electronic Check

We have been using the eCheck option for many years and it is a great way to pay camp fees online. The service is fast and free. We generally receive funds within one business day. Once you log in, the system will remember most of your information. Each time you make a payment you will enter only the specific info for that payment. The transaction will be performed via a secure link to the bank’s site, and will incorporate all the security normally associated with banking services.

Credit Card Payment

Pay Here by Credit Card

Credit Cards

By using this service you are contracting with Simply Easier Payments to handle the transaction. Simply Easier Payments charges a security & delivery fee for processing your payment and forwarding it to us. The security & delivery fee is not a part of the payment you are making, but it is a separate charge made by and for Simply Easier Payments. The security & delivery fee is nonrefundable. You may avoid the fee by sending a check instead.

If using a credit card, you can easily pay other amounts than the standard payments. The fees are based on the full installment amount and will increase appropriately if the payment amount is more than the installment amount. To pay less than the installment amount, use the miscellaneous option after choosing the session. Please use the comment section when paying amounts other than standard installments.