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On this page, you will find descriptions of the major support staff positions available at Green Cove. These jobs are all vitally important to the success of camp, and we are looking for the very best to fill them.

To apply for any position, please contact us at our 800 number, by e-mail, or regular mail. All of the positions listed are for SUMMER EMPLOYMENT ONLY.


We have two Registered Nurses on duty at camp when we are in session. Some are able to come for our entire 10 week season, but if you can only stay for a few weeks, that's fine with us too. Nurses live in the camp infirmary and eat in our dining hall. Time off is 36 hours per week. We can often do a "trade for services" if you have a child you would like to bring as a camper. Call us about salary.

Duties and responsibilities include the treatment of health problems and minor injuries such as lacerations, blisters, boils, etc., and insuring that such minor problems do not become major ones. Nurses provide immediate medical treatment in case of serious injury, and care for infirmary in-patients. There is normally a doctor in residence who is available for consultation almost any time. One nurse is always on duty at the infirmary; the other is normally free to participate in camp life. Most nurses enjoy the active lifestyle of camp; if you like to swim, play tennis, ride, sail, etc., you can easily participate. During this time you are, of course, available for duty when needed.

Kitchen Staff

General Kitchen Staff: We need cooks and food preparers to help feed an average of 260 hungry kids and staff. Kitchen staff live on the premises here at camp and work in shifts from roughly 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. There is free time during the day to rest or play, and some opportunities to participate in activities.

Kitchen Manager: Each kitchen feeds a normal maximum of 260 people per meal, three meals per day, family style, seven days per week, from early June through mid August. There are frequently reduced numbers, since campers are often out of camp on camping trips.

The goal of our food service is to maintain a very high quality menu, with balanced meals and good variety. Our clientele includes 8 - 17 year old children, young adults, and older staff members; we accommodate vegetarians and some with special dietary needs.. We must do this as economically as possible, but the emphasis is on good food over strict economy when choices must be made. We'd like for our campers (and staff) to go home saying, "I'm gonna miss camp cooking!"

Kitchen Manager responsibilities include:

  • Organize, train and supervise a crew of approximately 12 employees.
  • Menu planning; good vegetarian dishes are essential.
  • Maintain an inventory and order as necessary.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen.
  • Maintaining "good practices" and ensure proper food storage regulations are followed.

A successful applicant should have:

  • A strong background in food service.
  • Excellent personnel management skills.
  • Strong abilities in organization, planning, and supervision of operations.
  • A willingness to work long hours.

There are normally three on the barn staff. Your responsibilities include (but are not limited to!) care of approximately 10 horses, help with campers in and around the barn, assistance to the riding staff and care and maintenance of the barn area. The work is hard and the hours are long, but the rewards of "hands on" experience with horses and kids in various situations are immeasurable. Expect to work 6 full days a week and to be "on call" every third night.

Barn staff live at camp and eat in the dining room. Generally, time off is 6:00 p.m. Saturday until 6:00 a.m. Monday. During our Main Camp session, grooms usually have an hour off a day during activity hours to pursue an "in-camp" activity, if desired.

As a staff member, your responsibilities extend well beyond the riding program. You will be a role model to some campers, a friend to others and a co-worker to some of the finest people you will ever meet.


Van and bus drivers are a bit different from our other staff, in that they typically live in town nearby and may or may not work full time. They are essential to running our tripping program though, and we are usually in search of good, safe, dependable employees.

We primarily use 15 passenger vans to transport small groups of campers all over western North Carolina for backpacking, canoeing, mountain biking, and sailing trips. We drop them off at the beginning of their trips and then pick them up a few days later. Drivers should have extensive experience and an exemplary safety record. Having a CDL is required if you would be driving our school bus.

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