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Camps' programs and philosophies vary in many ways. You'll find specialized programs, different session lengths (some with split sessions), emphasis (or de-emphasis) on competition, different ideas on how much freedom of choice in activities to allow...the possibilities are endless.

Decide on what sort of experience you and your youngster want, then look for the camp which can offer it. Look for quality, and a good fit between camp and camper; look for the essentials behind the veneer. It should be a lot of fun, of course! But, it should be much more. A good camp experience can be one of the wisest investments in your child's future you will ever make.

Look carefully at:

  • Location, Facilities, and Equipment: Are they safe? Adequate? (One horse does not make a riding program.)
  • Program: What activities are offered? How much variety? Flexibility? Is it regimented? What opportunity is there for individual instruction? For trips?
  • Philosophy: What is the camp's purpose? What are its goals? How does it attempt to accomplish them?
  • Staff: Ratio to campers? Average age? Experience? Qualifications? Minimum age and schooling? How many return each year? Look especially at the experience level of the head counselors.
  • Length of Session: Is it long enough to accomplish its goals?
  • References: Ask for the names of current and former campers, and check with them.

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