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There is a strong tradition of wilderness tripping at Green Cove.

Ever since our founding, we have felt that spending time in nature is vitally important to a young girl's education. Our tripping program has drawn strength from the expertise of our brother camp, Mondamin, whose experience in the backcountry dates back to the early 1920's.

Back then, horseback and hiking trips explored the mountain trails with only primitive gear and keen judgment, and paddlers explored rivers by wooden canoe. In 1933, a group of campers and staff trucked canoes just four miles from camp, across the eastern Continental Divide, to put in on Mud Creek in Hendersonville... and paddled to the French Broad, down that to the Tennessee, on that to the Ohio, and finally to the confluence of the Ohio with the Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois. The trip took three weeks. A few years later, another group put in on the Green River, on our own side of the divide, and paddled to the Atlantic Ocean.

During each camp session, we regularly run trips as a complement to our in-camp program.

We go out by canoe, kayak, sailboat, horse, mountain bike, and of course, on foot. Most trips go for one to five days; some are longer. There are trips for all skill levels in each activity. Campers must qualify for a trip - which means they must demonstrate the necessary skills during lessons here at camp. They then sign up for the trips that they wish to go on. New trips are announced almost every day. Age is not a requirement, though it may be a factor in selecting an appropriate trip.

A typical week of camp, towards the end of a recent summer:

Monday .....A one-day intermediate level rock climbing trip went to Gilbert's Rock; a five-day advanced level Linville Gorge hiking/climbing expedition left; a backpacking group went out with them, planning to spend five days hiking from Linville to Mt. Mitchell; a Down Green whitewater canoeing trip went out on a day trip; and a mountain biking trip left for a three day ride in Pisgah.

.....Today the Hillsiders (one of the older age groups) went to Pisgah Slides; a rock climbing trip for younger campers went to Lizard Rock; and a tubing trip went for an afternoon on the Green. A one-day Nantahala canoeing trip left right after breakfast. A Green Cove sailing group exchanged with a Mondamin group at Lake Fontana (near the Smokies), to stay out for three days. A "Mystery River Recon" (for advanced beginner paddlers) left later in the morning for a 3-day trip, destination unknown (to the campers, at least). The Nature Lab took a field trip.

Wednesday.....Mid-week, the Nature Lab took another outing; a group of beginning whitewater paddlers headed off for the lower Green River; an intermediate paddling group left for a three-day on the Toe River in Tennessee. A caving trip left for some limestone caves near Hampton, Tennessee. The Pisgah biking three-day was picked up and brought back to camp.

Thursday .....Today there was a climbing trip to Lizard Rock; a 3-day intermediate canoe trip departed for the Tuckaseegee. That day also, the Mystery River Recon canoeing trip was picked up, and a Mondamin group replaced Green Cove's sailors at Fontana.. In the evening, the caving trip returned.

Friday .....Another Down Green canoeing trip left, and the Mt. Mitchell backpacking trip was picked up. A group of horseback riders took the six horse trailer to Bent Creek for a day of trail riding. The Toe River canoeing trip was picked up.

Saturday .....Today was for picking up loose ends. A Gilbert's Rock climbing trip went out for the day. The Tuckaseegee canoeing trip came in.

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