New Brochure Is Here

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Brand new brochure for Mondamin & Green Cove is done!

Know any families that might like to receive a copy (includes a DVD also)? Let us know at either for boys or for girls or simply click the “Request Brochure” button on the homepage.

About Nancy Bell

Nancy’s background includes 13 years as a camper and 13 years as a counselor. Much of this was at Green Cove, but 4 summers were spent at other camps. She graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in ’69, and received a MAT degree from Emory University in 1970. She taught 4th grade for a couple of years, then worked full time with horses until 1980, when she became director of Green Cove. Nancy continues to ride regularly, and teaches year round on a limited basis.

Nancy Bell