Salary, Benefits & Other Details


Salaries are individually determined based on your age, experience and skills. Our salaries compare favorably with most other camps and rise as you prove yourself.

Food & Lodging

Food and Lodging are covered by us for the time that you work here, as all of us sleep here at camp and eat in a common dining room. Limited quarters are available for married couples. Inquiries from teachers, retirees are especially invited.


Travel expenses are covered by the counselor.

Time off

You have 36 hours per week leave (a day and 2 nights). You are expected to be in camp when not on leave or a camping trip. Special leave, as for a wedding, can usually be arranged, but must be agreed upon well ahead of time (usually prior to camp opening).

Dates of Employment

Employment begins with orientation and staff training, which gets started in late May, and ends at the close of our last session, in mid-August. See the dates & rates page to find out the specific dates for this year. Orientation begins approximately one week before the start of our first session.