Allison has loved camp. She enjoyed meeting new friends and having an opportunity to do things she wouldn’t get at home. The relaxed atmosphere and the “non-competitiveness” is a breath of fresh air in this fast paced world of “all and right now.”

Fourth year June CamperAlexandria, LA

Green Cove helped my daughters with the endless quest for independence and self-confidence.

Norfolk, Virginia

She came home excited and alive with the new experiences she’d had. Reminds me of me, who went off to Mondamin 28 years ago and didn’t look back.

Bethesda, Maryland

Katherine summed up the spirit of Green Cove when she told a friend: “It doesn’t matter if you are pretty or ugly, thin or fat, well dressed or not – what you are inside is what counts at Green Cove. The most popular girls are often the ones who are not gorgeous – who might be chubby – but who are great people!” It would be hard not to thrive in such an atmosphere. Each summer has been the best.

Third year camper, Main SessionVirginia Beach, VA

Her first words off the plane were, `Why couldn’t I stay…when can I go back?’

Houston, Texas

She came back more mature and more confident in herself – pleased that she was on her own and able to accomplish so much.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Lauren definitely came back more grown up and mature. She appears to have a better sense of self, more self-confidence and improved in the social area – getting along and being more tolerant of friends. She first said she didn’t like camping but now says she loves the mountains and nature.

First year camper, Main SessionWashington, DC

She had a wonderful time! A quote from one of her letters, `I didn’t know it could be so exciting!’

Ormond Beach, Florida

This was the best investment we’ve made for Michele in a long time. It changed her attitude (for the better!) and helped her increase her self-confidence and self-esteem. She made new friends and was apparently extremely close to one of her counselors, who helped her a great deal.

First year camper, Main SessionLaurel, MS

It was an excellent experience for Julianne. She didn’t want to come home! She continues to correspond with Elisa, Missy, and another camper. I couldn’t be more pleased with your goals at the camp and the positive effect it had on Julianne.

First year camperNashville, TN

The children (and I) particularly liked their participation in planning their schedules.

Charleston, South Carolina

Camp was a perfect experience for her. I was most impressed with how she designed her time to learn new skills. She can’t wait for next year!

Cincinnati, Ohio

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