Fall: A Season of Change

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Green Cove Exit road with all the fall colors!

Fall is definitely here in the mountains of Western North Carolina! And with fall, comes a lot of change. Green Cove itself looks and feels very different. Leaves crunch under your feet as you walk the Back 40. Steam rises from Lake Summit every morning as the cooler temperatures set in. What is normally various shades of green is now various colors of the rainbow.

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And while Nature is making a lot of wonderful changes, we are working hard to bring some new things to camp as well. The first major change is Junior Line! We are doing a full scale renovation of Junior Line. Interior walls are now gone along with bathrooms. The new bathrooms will be added, connecting the two cabins in the back, rather than the middle. The ‘old bathroom space’ between cabins will be divided … making each cabin a bit bigger. If the idea sounds like Senior Line, you got it! It will be just like that!!! And Junior campers and staff should be very happy!!!

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Junior Line Demo Day!
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Standing in Junior 3, looking at Junior 2...
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We also have some changes happening in the office! We are delighted to announce that Calla Williamson (Nancy’s niece) will be moving from her role as Head of Riding to join us in the office. She won’t be replacing anybody, but will be shadowing Nancy and getting a feel for administration life. She has been a Line Head and Activity Head, so this transition should be pretty natural. Calla will also be doing some of the traveling this winter, so you may see her at a couple showings! We are excited for her to take on this new role!

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Dora (Left) and Gunner (Right).

Annnnndd we have some other folks joining us in the office! Meet the newest additions to the Puppy Party, Dora and Gunner! Dora is Caitlin’s 5 month old puppy and Gunner is Ann Marie’s 4 month old puppy. These two love to run and play and can’t wait for the kids to get here so they can go on more adventures! Odey is not sure about this whole being the adult thing, but he is enjoying wrestling with these two.

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And with the holidays right around the corner, Dora and Gunner want to remind you that we have some great Green Cove gear for sale! From sweat pants to t-shirt to fleeces, all of them make great gifts and are wonderful for the winter!We have a limited number of sizes for each of these items so email Ann Marie at annmarie@greencove.com to place an order!

About Caitlin Riley

Caitlin Riley is a member of our year round staff as the Green Cove Assistant Director. While camp is in session, she works particularly with Activity Programs to ensure that the different programs mesh well together. Caitlin keeps an eye on the trips available thru the different activities, and the instructional programs for each area. She also works to coordinate trips that involve multiple activities on both intermediate and advanced levels. During the off season, she spends time traveling to recruit both campers and staff. She worked as a trip leader and cabin counselor for a camp in Northern Minnesota during her college years. It was during those summers that Caitlin recognized her passion for working in the outdoor industry. Since graduating in 2007, she has traveled all around the globe, teaching outdoor education in a variety of settings. During her free time, Caitlin loves to spend time outdoors, hiking, biking and running the trails.

Caitlin Riley