March snow showers bring...

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The flowers are confused about what season it is

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What a difference a few hours can make!

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Lulu is not so sure about the snow...

March snow showers bring…a major count down to summer!! Western North Carolina woke up to about 2 inches of snow covering the ground on Sunday morning. Camp takes on a very different feel in the winter, especially blanketed in snow. It is so quiet without the sounds of girls laughing, singing and playing at all the activities! The snow didn’t even even make it past noon, but it made us all very ready for the summer to get here.

About Caitlin Riley

Caitlin Riley is a member of our year round staff as the Green Cove Assistant Director. While camp is in session, she works particularly with Activity Programs to ensure that the different programs mesh well together. Caitlin keeps an eye on the trips available thru the different activities, and the instructional programs for each area. She also works to coordinate trips that involve multiple activities on both intermediate and advanced levels. During the off season, she spends time traveling to recruit both campers and staff. She worked as a trip leader and cabin counselor for a camp in Northern Minnesota during her college years. It was during those summers that Caitlin recognized her passion for working in the outdoor industry. Since graduating in 2007, she has traveled all around the globe, teaching outdoor education in a variety of settings. During her free time, Caitlin loves to spend time outdoors, hiking, biking and running the trails.

Caitlin Riley