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Spring time on Otie's Knob!

Though winter is still fighting to stick around the mountains of Western North Carolina, spring is definitely making it’s way to Camp Green Cove! Spring time means lots of NEW things are popping up all around camp. Flowers are blossoming, grass is turning green, and there are more critters roaming about (which is great for Nature!). We also have our own NEW additions around camp, that we want to share with you today!

There has been a lot of progress made on the NEW Junior Line! There are NEW doors, NEW cubbies, NEW bunks, NEW paint color, and NEW bathrooms! We are thrilled with how things are coming together and can’t wait to have our Juniors test out all the NEW things in just a couple months!

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Our NEW Head of Riding for the summer (and our Assistant Barn Manager during the rest of the year) also added a NEW member to the family earlier this winter! Rachael, her husband Luke, and daughter Emma, all welcomed baby Eli on January 13th. He is growing up very quickly and will for sure be around the barn a lot this summer! Welcome Eli!

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Upper left: Ninja; Upper Right: Nacho Lower Left: Sam; Lower Right: Nugget

And speaking of NEW additions to the family, we have a few NEW four legged friends! Over the past few months, we have welcomed Sam, Nugget, Ninja and Nacho to our herd. These four are getting acquainted with their new lives at Green Cove, and we are excited to have our girls ride them this summer!

With summer coming up quick,we are getting very excited to welcome all of our campers and staff, especially those that are brand NEW to Green Cove. We can’t wait to show you all the fun things at camp, and for you to go on all kinds of NEW adventures. For those of you that are coming to camp for the first time this summer, we want to hear from you!!! We want to know what question you may have, or worries or things you are curious about for the summer. Since you are probably not the only one with those thoughts, we thought we would answer those questions on the blog (you can tell us if you want your name included or not).

And returning campers, we have not forgotten about you, don’t you worry! We want to hear from you as well! We want you to think back to your first summer, and share with us your thoughts on some things you wished you have known about Green Cove before you arrived. These could be things you wished you had brought, or things to leave at home, or things you wished you had known to expect, etc…and we will also post these things on the blog as well!!

You can either write these things in a letter and mail it to: Caitlin Riley PO Box 38 Tuxedo, NC 28784

or you can email us at

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

About Caitlin Riley

Caitlin Riley is a member of our year round staff as the Green Cove Assistant Director. While camp is in session, she works particularly with Activity Programs to ensure that the different programs mesh well together. Caitlin keeps an eye on the trips available thru the different activities, and the instructional programs for each area. She also works to coordinate trips that involve multiple activities on both intermediate and advanced levels. During the off season, she spends time traveling to recruit both campers and staff. She worked as a trip leader and cabin counselor for a camp in Northern Minnesota during her college years. It was during those summers that Caitlin recognized her passion for working in the outdoor industry. Since graduating in 2007, she has traveled all around the globe, teaching outdoor education in a variety of settings. During her free time, Caitlin loves to spend time outdoors, hiking, biking and running the trails.

Caitlin Riley