Big News at Green Cove!

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Big News from Green Cove! Please read the letter from Nancy and Calla about the plans for a 3rd generation hand off of leadership as we enter our 99th year… (Note if you have been out of the Mondamin loop; that 3rd generation hand off occurred from Frank to Andrew Bell six years ago.)

Dear Green Cove family,

We wanted to share some news!

As many of you know, Green Cove and Mondamin have been run by the Bell family since their beginning. Chief and Calla Bell were Directors, and then their children Frank and Nancy as brother and sister. Nancy has been the Director of Green Cove since 1980! And Calla (Bell) Williamson, Frank’s daughter and Nancy’s niece, has been working under Nancy for the last few years.

It has been delightful to have Calla so active with camp for the last couple of years. We are currently using a webcam during the week from September thru mid-May. That enables her to be very much a part of everything that goes on in the office! She will do a large part of the travelling for promotions this winter, as she did for the 2019 season. She is guiding decisions on staff hiring and selection of head staff for next summer. Long story short, she is very much involved in all phases of running Green Cove. And by now, Ev (our Assistant Director) is well settled in after a full summer with staff and campers. We are loving her perspective and input! I (Nancy) will continue thru the end of our 2020 summer, and then will retire. It has been a wonderful and challenging 40 years with an amazing group of parents, alumnae and campers, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I know Calla will do a fabulous job as Director, and wish her a long and wonderful connection with all of you.

And I (Calla) just want to say that I have been so lucky to have had Nancy as a role model my entire life! She has so much wisdom to share, and working in the Green Cove office under her mentorship has been truly amazing. After the summer, she has told me that she doesn’t plan to go anywhere, and will be happy to help in any way! I’m sure she will continue to lend a hand for many years to come. I am thrilled to take over as Director next fall, and very much look forward to deepening our relationships and continuing Green Cove’s legacy as one of the best summer camps around.

All the best,

Nancy, Calla and the rest of the Green Cove team

About Nancy Bell

Nancy’s background includes 13 years as a camper and 13 years as a counselor. Much of this was at Green Cove, but 4 summers were spent at other camps. She graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in ’69, and received a MAT degree from Emory University in 1970. She taught 4th grade for a couple of years, then worked full time with horses until 1980, when she became director of Green Cove. Nancy continues to ride regularly, and teaches year round on a limited basis.

Nancy Bell