You might be a Green Cove camper if...

You might be a Green Cove camper if...

You might be a Green Cove Camper if….

  • You can make the perfect smore
  • You know who Princess Pat is
  • You’ve held a snake, or a turtle, or a tarantula, OR ALL THREE!
  • You know how to tie a figure 8 follow through with your eyes closed
  • Pisgah Slides is your favorite water park
  • You love to wake up where the rhododendron grow

We asked what makes you a Green Cove camper and this is what you said:

  • Making train wreck year round
  • Crossing swamp thang
  • Doughboy!!
  • I can test my limits
  • Ugly crying on pickup day
  • Everything that makes me miss it SO MUCH
  • Knowing all the friendship bracelet patterns
  • Swim squatting
  • My favorite part of camp is ice cream on Sundays with friends
  • Independence, confidence, and my constant need to get back to the mountains
  • Having a semi-permanent Chaco tan
  • Throwing chocolate sauce all over people and then jumping in the lake to rinse off
  • I met one of my best friends at camp 25 years ago!
  • If you can make trainwreck or summer sandwiches like a pro
  • Ice cream on oties
  • Barn squatting
  • 3 day DuPont trip
  • I love the outdoors!
  • Loves trainwreck
  • Being with my best friends for 5 weeks
  • Generations of campers in the family coming back again and again! Feels like a second home
  • Meeting the best friends and Tajar day!!
  • 30 minute swimming test in the cold side
  • Crying at the last campfire
  • I can go sleeping in the woods for 5 days!
  • Crying HARD at final campfire
  • I love learning new things and making new friends every summer
  • Extravagant planning for Aide year
  • Sending your parents a blank letter so you can get ice cream on Sunday
  • Doing a backflip off the rope swing!
  • Making friendship bracelets
  • If you still make GORP!
  • Square dancing expertise and a set of lifelong friendships
  • I love camp so much! I try every activity and have been for 6 summers!!
  • Making the best friends!
  • Hiking in the back 40
  • Tailing someone as you sprint through the creek to find the Tajar
  • You can paddle a raging river
  • Swimming laps in the cold side
  • Otie’s knob is my favorite place, watching the sunsets, eating ice cream, and my bffs!
  • Waiting in line to get a pb&j
  • You know the true value of a #10 can
  • Nat Raft
  • The regatta!
  • Singing Ash Grove on the way to Campfire!
  • Canoe trip overnights!
  • Loving Tajar Day!
  • Cabin Day!
  • Tajar Day is your favorite day of the year
  • You sing House at Pooh Corner to your kids at bedtime
  • Being a happy camper underneath the trees
  • You know all the words to Closer to Fine
  • Putting the plate with the candle into the campfire water
  • Jumping off the tower makes me go from feeling like a counselor to a camper!
  • Sleeping out in the woods
  • I’ve climbed mountains when I never thought I would make it up the first rock!
  • I leave my troubles at the bridge
  • You live for Tajar Day
  • You have eaten GORP off a rock beside a river
  • Having the confidence to know I can do alllll those skills I learned over 10 years ago
  • Cookies, cookies, listen while we sing to you
  • Short sheeting a bed!
  • Biking big downhill school
  • 12 hour biking event!
  • Crunching lifesavers to watch sparks while camping out!
  • Telling stories from camp over and over until my friends beg me to stop
  • Counting down the days until you’re back in your favorite place with your favorite people

Sending love and best wishes from Tuxedo to everyone in our camp community. We love hearing campers past and present share what makes camp special, and how it’s affected your lives! You can share those thoughts and memories with us on social media, find us @campgreencove. You can also let us know what else you’d like to hear about from camp as we prepare for summertime!



About Ev Schwartz

Our Assistant Director is Ev Schwartz, who moved to North Carolina and joined our full time staff in 2019. Originally from Alexandria, VA, Ev grew up going to camp in the mountains of Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a BA in Political Science and a BA in Economics. After graduation, Ev was pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science when her love of outdoor education was rekindled. From there she worked for camps as a Head counselor, Head of outdoor living skills, and an outdoor learning center instructor. Ev is an avid believer in the potential of outdoor education to bring about positive camper outcomes, as well as the power of a small community of dedicated women to make a real difference in the world. In the summer she coordinates with activities to make sure programs run smoothly and trips are rewarding and safe. In Fall, winter, and spring, Ev travels to recruit campers and works hard to assemble the best staff team possible. Ev lives at camp with her dog Eddy and spends her free time hiking, climbing, caving, and doing just about anything to be outside!

Ev Schwartz