Getting Outside

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Hey campers! It’s been about a week since we broke the sad news that camp will not be opening this summer. We hope you’re doing ok, and that you know we miss you!

As the weather gets warmer we are taking any excuse to be outside. At camp we know that getting outside has so many benefits: we can “unplug” for a while, be active, appreciate the beauty of nature, spend meaningful time with friends, learn new skills, and so much more!

After such a long stretch of being at home, we know your routine might feel boring or repetitive, so we’ve thought of some ways to make your outside time more fun and interesting even when we can’t go far from home.

If we missed any ideas, or you just want to send us pictures of your time outside we would love to hear from you!!!

  • On your next walk, or just around your yard, can you identify the plants in bloom?
  • Set up a bird feeder and try to identify what birds live in your neighborhood.
  • Set up a hammock or pull out a blanket and read outside (you can also ask your parents if you can do some of your school work outside).
  • The next time you take a walk, video chat with a friend or family member! Show each other cool things you see along the way.
  • Board games, card games, legos, and puzzles can all be done outside- just watch out that the wind doesn’t blow anything away and you bring everything back inside!
  • Find a podcast to look forward to on your walks! There are podcasts for all your favorite activities- climbing, paddling, running, horseback riding, the list is endless.
  • Can you eat meals outside? We love starting the day off with breakfast on the porch, or enjoying the cool evening air at dinner time!
  • What outdoor skills are a little rusty? How about working on your orienteering skills? Learn the basics of compass and map use, just around your neighborhood! Be on the look out for how-to guides from us this summer.
  • Can you find room outside, in a yard, on a porch or balcony, to do some exercise? What about trying yoga or learning a new dance?
  • Make a fairy house (or a whole fairy village!)
  • If you’ve got a yard, can you help out with yard work? Have you thought about a garden? It’s the perfect time to pick up seeds from your local gardening store, or use kitchen scraps to plant things like potatoes, lettuce, celery, avocados, onions, tomatoes, and herbs.
  • Live near a creek or pond of other water? Splash around, or look around and see what kinds of critters live there (you never know when you’ll find a salamander!)
  • Outdoor crafts are so fun: nature mandalas, leaf mobiles, pet rocks, painting the sunset, the list goes on! We’ll share more projects over the summer, and we’d love to see you’re finished results!
  • If you are able, have a family campfire! Fire building skills a little rusty? Keep an eye out for a tutorial on the basics! Can’t make a fire? That’s ok! Being together is the best part of campfire- sing songs, share stories, tell each other about your week, set goals for the next one, and express what you are thankful for.
  • If you and your family are feeling extra creative, think about camping at home! Go for a long “hike” around your neighborhood and then camp in the backyard, or even set up a tent or blanket fort in the house! You can make s’mores in the oven, and pull out your Crazy Creek to sit in while you sing campfire songs! Maybe even try to make your favorite camp meal for dinner? Try to leave your devices off, and enjoy each other’s company!

Got more ideas, or pictures of you having fun outside? Send them to or message our Instagram @campgreencove.

About Ev Schwartz

Our Assistant Director is Ev Schwartz, who moved to North Carolina and joined our full time staff in 2019. Originally from Alexandria, VA, Ev grew up going to camp in the mountains of Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a BA in Political Science and a BA in Economics. After graduation, Ev was pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science when her love of outdoor education was rekindled. From there she worked for camps as a Head counselor, Head of outdoor living skills, and an outdoor learning center instructor. Ev is an avid believer in the potential of outdoor education to bring about positive camper outcomes, as well as the power of a small community of dedicated women to make a real difference in the world. In the summer she coordinates with activities to make sure programs run smoothly and trips are rewarding and safe. In Fall, winter, and spring, Ev travels to recruit campers and works hard to assemble the best staff team possible. Ev lives at camp with her dog Eddy and spends her free time hiking, climbing, caving, and doing just about anything to be outside!

Ev Schwartz