What's New at Green Cove!

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There is no doubt this has been a strange summer! Since we haven’t gotten to see you all at camp, we wanted to share with you some of the newest things happening here at Green Cove!

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It is a time of transition for all of us, and I wanted to write to you so that we can be connected as we step into this new chapter. You all are starting a new school year, with strange and new routines that will take awhile to get used to. At Green Cove, Nancy has transitioned out of the office and has been talking long walks and pruning our hydrangeas for us! In the office, I (Calla) am taking over Nancy’s work role as Director, and we have a fantastic new addition to our GC administration. Megan Worley Coaplen is our new Year-Round Program Director!

I’d like to formally introduce myself and Megan. Most of you know me, and knew that I would be taking over as Director of Green Cove. For those of you who do not know me, I am Nancy’s niece, and Frank’s daughter. I grew up here at camp, and naturally was a camper and cabin counselor. I did step away for a while after that, but when I had my first child in 2011, I felt the pull to come back to camp. It became clear to me in 2017 that I would like to help direct Green Cove and carry it’s traditions forward. Since then I’ve been working closely with Nancy and soaking up her wisdom.

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Megan Coaplen and I were campers together in Junior 1 back in 1987. We came up through the ranks together, as her mom worked at GC as well (Nancy Worley). Megan was a cabin counselor and riding instructor, then worked at Mondamin for a few years as well! She went to school for Human Development and Family Studies then obtained her Masters in School Counseling. After 8 years working at a high school in Asheville NC, Megan decided to bring her skills with adolescents to Green Cove. I am thrilled to have Megan join our year round team at Green Cove. We will both be communicating with you throughout the year. Ev is our wonderful Assistant Director and Ann Marie is our fabulous Office Manager, and they are both here as well to help you if you need anything. Nancy is around too- and we are constantly picking her brain! We are fortunate to have such a strong team at GC, and we look forward to a great summer for 2021.

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We’ve also worked on a few neat projects that we are excited for you to see! We’ve completed a new dock on the cold side of the lake, and Junior Tree has a new bench! We are planning to do some work on the campfire circle to improve water flow in the creek, and we are near completion on Thunderhead cabin- we can’t wait for all of the overnights there! Let us know if there are other parts of camp you would like to see, and as always, you can keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram.

About Ev Schwartz

Our Assistant Director is Ev Schwartz, who moved to North Carolina and joined our full time staff in 2019. Originally from Alexandria, VA, Ev grew up going to camp in the mountains of Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a BA in Political Science and a BA in Economics. After graduation, Ev was pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science when her love of outdoor education was rekindled. From there she worked for camps as a Head counselor, Head of outdoor living skills, and an outdoor learning center instructor. Ev is an avid believer in the potential of outdoor education to bring about positive camper outcomes, as well as the power of a small community of dedicated women to make a real difference in the world. In the summer she coordinates with activities to make sure programs run smoothly and trips are rewarding and safe. In Fall, winter, and spring, Ev travels to recruit campers and works hard to assemble the best staff team possible. Ev lives at camp with her dog Eddy and spends her free time hiking, climbing, caving, and doing just about anything to be outside!

Ev Schwartz